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FMC Pro Pack

The FMC Pro Pack is built for the broker who wants to take their personal brand and content to the next level

The package includes three vertical videos under 1 minute each, the property website + marketing kit and the option to add on mad-lib style, fill in the blank captions and more


Lifestyle reel

incorporating the realtor into the video (if you can’t be present we can add another teaser reel)

Teaser Sizzle Reel

Showing a sneak peek of the house. Tease the best features of the home to have them craving more!

Speed walkthrough

show the layout and flow of the home

Pro Property Website & Marketing Kit

Pricing will start at $450 and is based on square footage 

Add on’s:

  • Drone footage
  • Horizontal video under 1 minute for the MLS starts at $250 (this shorter one-minute version of the interior video is perfect for the MLS + posting on Facebook. We walk you through the home and show the best angels of each room!)
  • Done for you captions-proven caption formulas tried and tested by the digital marketing agency, We Are SHEROSE, that will help you get engagement and conversions from your content

About the captions add on:

  • Mad-lib style captions that make pressing ‘post’ as easy as pie
  • These templatized captions that will provide value, entertainment, and education to your audience so they’re just as excited to work with YOU
  • Proven caption formulas tried and tested by a digital marketing agency that will help you get engagement and conversions from your content

Lifestyle Reel

Teaser Sizzle Reel

Speed Walk-through