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What is lifestyle marketing?

We go through life interacting with brands… and who we choose to work with is a marker of who we are as individuals.

That guy who’s devoted to the coffee shop down the street.

Working with the women business owner who runs her own CPA firm because you also know her from your kid’s soccer games.

Even the type of toilet paper you buy says a lot about who you are (check out Who Gives a Crap) for the eco-minded, luxury-loving.

When we position our businesses as lifestyle brands we invite our clients to share in a collective identity.

Transforming your business into Lifestyle Brand is the process of identifying who you are, and how you want to interact with clients. Then starting conversations with different types of media around a collective cause.

To create a brand that uses lifestyle marketing we start with an internal deep-dive

Who are you and what are your values? What does the business value?

Who do you love to work with?

What are the visual representation, collective identity inside-jokes, or style of communication that your clients and you have?

Develop 1-4 Topics

These topics are repeatable talking points that create predictability to your social account interactions. When viewers know what to expect they are more likely to follow.


For example: coffee shops, a neighborhood, and condo living tips


Create a clear call to action

 Pick one way you’d like people to reach out to you and use that call to action consistently.


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